Fundraisers & Memorials

Fundraisers & Memorials

Pet Stones, Address Blocks, Tree Markers, Brick Pavers, & War Memorials

Commemorate a loved one or pet with our river stones and pet stones.
Beautiful addition to your garden or home landscaping with customizable options to make them uniquely yours!

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Pet Paw Sandblasted

Pet Paw sandblasted memorial stone with your pet's name and date.

$175.71 Before Tax: $164.99

Riverstone Sandblasted

Riverstone sandblasted memorial with your pet's name and dates.

$45.78 Before Tax: $42.99

Petstone Etched Granite

Petstone Etched Granite memorial with photo, pet's name, and dates.

$159.74 Before Tax: $149.99

Address Blocks

Precast, limestone, or granite that match beautifully with our company’s stone.

Call for Quote: 863.422.7369

Tree Markers

A wonderful way to honor your loved ones is with a tree marker.

Call for Quote: 863.422.7369

Engraving Brick & War Memorials

Honor those who have gone before us with a Community Memorial.

Call for Quote: 863.422.7369

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